Tuesday, November 21, 2006


While we're waiting for the Brown Velvet (#1011-10 of the American Tradition paints at Lowes) paint to dry... just a couple things I've learned about painting.

1. It's messy.

2. Getting the edges right is hhhaaaarrrrrddd, no matter how much blue tape you use:

3. No matter HOW certain you are about a color, it is going to look different on a wall than it did on the chip.

I'll never admit this to anyone in person, but I'm not really super happy with how the color is looking. It's definitely dark brown, but I get flashes of purple and even black. Let me say this... the FIRST time someone comes in here and says, "That Eggplant color on this wall is really nice!" or "Purple! Interesting choice." I'm putting the builder beige back up!

There is also the issue of a large mirror that I bought specifically to hang on that wall. It has a gold frame around it (which I could always *gulp* paint) and It looked pretty good on the builder beige but on the Brown Velvet it looks a little, um, a little Liberace:

My other dilemma has been what do to with the switch plates and HVAC register. I decided that the switch plates would stay white, since the switches and plugs they surround are going to stay white, but I painted the register to match the wall. Here's my logic: I need to see the switches because they are useful parts of the room, but I DON'T need to see the register because while it IS useful it's not something that gets a lot of attention, and it's 11 feet up. I have always thought it was kind of tacky to paint registers and switch plates (no offense if you disagree) so this is a big step for me. A word of warning, HVAC registers are a PAIN in the butt to paint:

OK... hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post some pics of the final product. Or at least the final step in this painting project. The whole PRODUCT still needs stuff, but the painting and rehanging of the giant mirror will be done.

Next time: the REAL Piece de Resistance (maybe).

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