Wednesday, November 15, 2006

the toolbox

I try and keep the amount of THINGS I have to a minimum. I don't like having things for the sake of having them... not a big nick-nack-n-brick-a-brack collector. I have a couple things that would qualify as nicks or nacks, but I am well below the brick or brack level of stuff. Ironically this desire to keep it simple prevents me from buying things that would help collect some of the necessary clutter that I have accumulated. Specifically tools. I don't have a large selection of tools, two hammers, a mismatched set of screwdrivers, allen wrench set, measuring tape... you know, the basics, but it's enough that not all of it fits in my toolbox. It's a little red jobby that probably initially contained a basic starter set of tools which have since been scattered. Most of the tools I use frequently, screwdrivers, small hammer, measuring tape, ended up in the "junk drawer" in my kitchen and the rest lived in the little red toolbox that resided under my sink. All that changes today:

Little red has been replaced with big blue and for once in my life, all my tools are in one place leaving my junk drawer open for playing cards, sewing kits, thumbtacks, spare keys, a couple of lighters, a penlight, etc.

Problem I am having now is that I anthropomorphize things and it's going to be very hard to throw away little red. He really served me well. Never complained when I tried to stuff too much crap into him... even survived a fire! I think he was a gift from my Mom while I was in college. A buddy of mine has a big yard sale a couple times a year... maybe I'll hold on to little red till his next sale and pass him on.

In other news, the weather around Atlanta today is my favorite kind. Rain, at times hard rain. We even have a "severe weather" warning for later on this afternoon! Not sure why I like rainy days, just always have.

Tomorrow, the before and after pictures of my first real home improvement project which will prove the adage that it's the little things that make all the difference!

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