Wednesday, October 10, 2007

not yo momma's outtakes

Are you watching "How I Met Your Mother" on CBS? I have to admit... it's taken me a long time to get into it... but the cast really seems to have a real life chemistry that kind of spills over into the script. I first noticed it when this YouTube clip of the cast on Megan Mullaly's short lived talk show came my way...

Neal Patric Harris and Patric Segal are clearly good friends and good sports.

Flash forward a year or so and I come across this at the CBS innertube website... let me set the scene. Ted is about to ride "the tricycle." He as two willing ladies in the living room... meanwhile his married roommates and horndog friend are trapped in the bedroom (they can't come out or the ladies will see them and the jig will be up). Ted starts to loose his nerve and retreats to the bedroom to get support from his friends. Ultimately "ladiesman" Barney (NPH) convinces Ted to go out there and face his fear. On TV the scene ends when Ted walks out the door, but in this clip we see that even though the scene was over the camera kept rolling and Doogie, Willow and the tall dude (Segal) start in with their OWN version of "the tricycle..." (you will need to sit through a commerical for Comcast and suffer with crappy video streaming... but the payoff is worth it).

Wish I could imbed it but here's the ---->LINK<----

If that doesn't work... go to the website, hit ALL SHOWS, hit PRIMETIME, hit HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, hit BONUS, and hit HOW IT REALLY HAPPENED PT. 3. You know, maybe it isn't worth it... nah. It totally is.

This one is pretty funny too... another scene that didn't ALL make it into the show:

The "flying wombat," awesome!

Now that you've witnessed the camaraderie of the cast, check out the show. Tuesday nights at 8 on CBS. Stay for "The Big Bang Theory" too. But bail before "Two and a Half Men at 9"

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Paul said...

CB: You really are becoming the historian of TV. Hopefully this passion pays off.

- - -

Now, I'm with Doogie, it's good to discuss things before they happen.