Monday, October 15, 2007

My (delayed) OCTOBER 12 of 12

Once again I NEARLY forgot! Thanx to an alarm I set on my Treo and a friendly email from MATT though I managed to snap my monthly quota:

It is finally cool enough (just COOL not COLD) to rock my favorite look now and then. It's the long sleeve T under the short sleeve T or Polo:

My day doesn't usually start till 10 or 11... meaning I do not get up before 10 or 11am. Today though I had to be up by 8:30 to attend an "optional" staff meeting that my supervisor was conducting. When your supervisor is conducting the meeting... it's not REALLY optional. Luckilly my workplace is also home to a dispensory of my favorite coffee:

This was kind of a wierd Friday. I took the evening off, in exchange for some hours early Sunday Morning. So after my meeting, I went home. I am embarrased to say that I drove to and from work. This pic shows why me and everyone else in Atlanta should have been on mass transit:

After lunch I went back to work (told you it was a wierd day), but this time it was back to our other campus in town for a presentation sponsored by my company's gay and lesbian business resource group:

The meeting was held in this authentic antibellum mansion:

This is a shot I took out of my window on the way home from that second meeting. I wanted to shoot the building which you can see just a sliver of over on the right, but instead I mostly got the street lamp. I don't know why, but I think it's kind of cool. Just a side note, that sliver of building (I just learned) is a piece of the tallest building in the US outside of New York or Chicago:

More reason to be on MARTA:

A stop for "supplies" on the way home:

By the way, what do they call liquor stores where you live? In GA they are called "Package" stores. There was a special name for them in ID as I recall too. I remember that in CA you can just buy your hooch in the supermarket. Love that! Only beer and wine in Supermarkets in GA.

I was not a winner:

Looking for a "Granny" cart. They didn't have one:

Finally home (rare on a Friday night) out on my balcony:

Later P came over and we walked to dinner and then came home for more balcony time:


Paul said...

What were you doing with the GLAMOUR magazine in the car? Are you going gay on us?

Matt said...

I know, my second e-mail wasn't ALL that nice. :)

Is that a "Glamour" magazine in your car?!?

Nice shoes.

Love the picture of you and P having balcony time. Have you come out to him yet?

I've always loved your 12 of 12, glad you FINALLY got around to it. ;)

CondoBlogger said...

That is too funny!!! I did not even notice that magazine in my car. The reason it is in there is because glamour frequently has good sweepstakes going on. When you enter to win them there is a box that says "uncheck this box if you DO NOT wish to get a free trial subscription to Glamour. Apparently I forgot to uncheck the box. So when I got my mail on my way out to work I picked it up and threw it in my car thinking I would look for MORE sweepstakes to enter. Never got around to it though. Did get some FABULOUS eyeliner tips though.

Poun said...

Nice !!!
and nice look ;-)

i didn't notice the glamour magazine until i saw your comments...funny though !

you seem to had a great evening and a weird day !!

Dogeared said...

I was also wondering about the Glamour magazine!

Ah, I miss having a balcony, even one overlooking a main road or something... takes me back to Italy.

We do have Off Licences which just serve alcohol (I never go in those, but I think it's just wine, or at least mostly wine). Threshers is the main one, and Oddbins is another. There are some warehouses on outskirts of towns sometimes, like Majestic Wines, where you can get bulk wine (again, never been).

For any alcohol I buy, it's the supermarket, all of which do spirits, wine, beer, cider... I don't drink much though, so rarely have to buy new stuff.

Glad you remembered 12 of 12 (and I checked the site back late!)

Matt said...

And that indigo eyeliner IS quite lovely on you, CB ...

somewhere joe said...

I do a variation of the short-over-long on chilly evenings around here - a favorite sleeveless hoody that I layer over a T-shirt... the abreviated version, but it is Florida.

Speaking of layers, does the position of P's legs tell us anything... significant? :oP

CondoBlogger said...

JOE - you mean that they are on "top?" LOL... sometimes they are and sometimes they are not.

Cheeky Monkey.

Matt said...

I hadn't even thought of that. But apparently your legs are versatile.

I forgot to answer your question - in Washington, they are "liquor stores". All owned and run by the State. We can buy beer and wine in grocery stores and convenience stores, but that's it. The good stuff is in the state run stores - most of which are clsoed on Sundays.

I remember being on vacation in North Carolina, and they were called "ABC Stores". I don't remember what that stood for.