Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Holiday Help

Tis the season when major retailers go looking for "Seasonal Employees." Now, I am well compensated for my primary job, but who can't use a little extra walkin' around money, right? I was also inspired to consider taking on a second gig by MADDOG who's experience with the two job thing has been a very interesting read. I don't think I'm up for restaurant work though... too demanding! Plus after seeing "Kitchen Nightmares" I don't think I want to know what really goes on behind the scenes in a busy restaurant.

With the holidays coming and A trip to China planned for February... every lil bit will help though. So I trotted over to my favorite retailer and filled out an application at a kiosk they have set up there. Which retailer? If you said Wal*Mart or KMart you'd be close, but not quite on target.

The experience itself was kind of odd. I had to wait for one of two stations at a kiosk to open up before I could begin filling out an app. Both people in front of me finished about the same time and got up and left. Just got up and walked away. I sat down at the most private one and began to answer the questions as I was prompted by the machine. All my stats and some work history... plus some unexpected questions about how I "feel" about things and how I would deal with certain interpersonal situations concerning fellow employees were I to be hired. I finally finished the last page and was getting ready to get up and leave when a final screen came up and told me to pick up the red phone next to the computer. I did not see the people before me use the red phone. I picked it up and a lady came on to ask me a couple more questions about why I was looking for work and when I could start... "Start?" Then she told me that a manager would be coming over to speak with me. A little woman appeared a couple minutes later and introduced herself as a manager.

The manager and I walked over to ladies wear and she basically interviewed me right then and there! I told her exactly why I was looking and how long I expected to work... she was cool with it all. When I told her I thought I'd be best in electronics or music she got a big ol grin on her face and asked if I had any "managerial experience." I said no.

When it was all over she unclipped a cordless phone from her waistband, dialed a number and when the person on the other end answered she just said, "Yes. I think he's good for a team leader, but he just wants seasonal. OK."

Mind you, I was not expecting to be interviewed. I was wearing jeans, a t-shirt, baseball cap... not my interview clothes.

Then she told me that I had "presented" very well and that I should be getting a call in a week or so. If I didn't get a call to come back and go through the kiosk interview process again. I didn't get a call. Not sure how badly I want this job, but I have all my mornings free... and I like this store... I shop there... the employee discount alone could be worth it. It's only till February.

I'm going back today (in khakis and a red polo) to try again. :)


Joe Jubinville said...

I'm very fond of Tarzhay too. They were going through their mission/craftsman phase at the same time I was. I buy my towels there. They were the only jewelry counter that agreed to change the battery on my notoriously difficult Timex Expedition, which requires disassembling parts the size of a couple of molecules, under a microscope, even though I didn't buy the watch there.

But this feverish ambition of yours has me concerned. Is it recent? Any signs of a rash? If you actually do succumb, I may be hitting you up for a discount on a few dozen items... will we have to start calling you "team leader" ?

Paul said...

It's all about an honest day's work.

Matt said...

So what happened this time??? Was your outfit on Target? (Tar-zhay)? :)

Li'l Pony said...

This is an inspiring story and I can't wait to hear more about it. I always think that I should get a second job, but then I never do because I figure I should just spend more time getting better at my first job. And being poor. My credit card statements show that I am still not very good at that.

CondoBlogger said...

Joe - You will only have to call me "Team Leader" if I am in the X-Wing Fighter in front of you as we coordinate our initial assault on the Death Star.

Matt - I did go with the khaki's and a polo, but I stopped short of going with the red... didn't want to appear to be TOO eager.

Li'l - My credit card statements have a LITTLE to do with this too... I try to keep my balances low but they have been creeping up a little lately and I'd like to nip this in the bud before X-mas and my China trip next year really kick my ass.