Monday, October 29, 2007

Hi, I'm [Condoblogger]...

For all of his wonderfulness, there is one area in which "P" does not do very well in. He's a bad introducer. I'll be standing next to him for long periods of time without being introduced while he talks to someone. It's not something that bothers me... we've talked about it and I know it's not a comment on me or anything like that, it's just one of his foibles.

Ultimately I introduce myself and we move on.

SOMETIMES this is a carefully crafted tactic on "P's" part. On occasion he will not REMEMBER someone's name and so my JOB is to introduce myself, thus forcing the other person to introduce his or herself as well. Then "P" can just apologize for not introducing us AND pretend that he knew the other person's name all along.

Last night we were at a party (not a Halloween one, just a regular one) and "P" was having a conversation with a guy who is looking for work in "P's" line of business. As usual I was not introduced. Also as usual (at a party) I had been drinking. So at a lull in their conversation I stuck my hand out and said, "Hi, I'm [Condoblogger]," and the guy replied in kind with a greeting and his name, and their conversation moved on.

About 5 minutes later, I realize that I have not yet been introduced to this guy, so at a lull in their conversation I stick my hand out and say, "Hi, I'm [Condoblogger]." Both the guy and "P" look at me as if I were from Mars, and "P" says, "We know. You just introduced yourself a couple minutes ago." I was so embarrassed. Still am. I am terrible at parties. I try too hard, drink too much and interrupt too often.

Is this early Alzheimer's or a Pavlovian response to certain party stimuli or was I just drunk? At least I won't forget that guy's name now... "Good to meet you, Chris."


Paul said...

Sounds like a senior-moment to me. Many people say that short-term memory is the first to go.

And you haven't even hit the big 4-0 yet, have 'ya?

Either that, or you REALLY wanted to get to know Chris.

Matt said...

That totally sounds like something I would do. I'm not usually very good at parties unless I already know a lot of people, and when I meet someone new I feel on the spot - and can't make great conversation. So I tend to like smaller gatherings.

somewhere joe said...

LOL - when I read "I stick my hand out and say, 'Hi, I'm [Condoblogger]" for the second time, I thought for a moment "Didn't he just write that...?" and wondered for a second if I'd been drinking...

ThatGuy said...

My ex in FL was horrible at introducing me to people too. He admitted that it was just poor social skills on his part and always promised to do better—which he didn't. That is, until I took matters into my own hands one night at a symphony party that took place after a performance he was in. I stood silently for 15 minutes while he jabbered away to someone, who awkwardly turned to me and said, "Hello, I'm Bob Smith the symphony conductor." To which I replied, "Hi, I'm ThatGuy—FL EX's paid escort for the weekend."

He never forgot to introduce me again.