Thursday, August 9, 2007

Are you a team player?

Howdy folks... I'm lookin' for a few good men/people/humans. If you are a football fan, that's even better. Blue Diamond Almonds has a contest going on that requires players to be on a "Team" to enter... It looks confusing as all hell on their site, but basically... you and I will pick the winners of various football games... the more we get right, the better we do. In the end, we'll all be entered to win a trip to a "Breezes SUPERCLUB" in Jamaica. I know... not the swankiest vacation ever, but this time it's less about winning and more about just playin' the game.

So here's the deal... if you would like to be on my team "Team CB" just send me an email and let me know... I'll send you an email back with a special link and we're on our way! Picking doesn't start till September so we have some time. Blue Diamond says they will send us emails reminding us when it's time to pick again too.

I'll keep the world posted on our results and our progress right here!

Be forewarned... I pick winners of football games like Dwayne on "What's Happening." It's a highly tuned system that is based solely on how much I like a team's helmet... or the hotness of a team's quarterback... whichever catches my eye first.

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Dean said...

You *do* realize a lot of us are gay, right?