Monday, August 13, 2007

August 12 of 12

FINALLY a day away from the office for 12 of 12! My Sunday was even spent away from This New Condo. "P" and I spent the weekend at his place.

On Sunday morning he got up early for church... I ALMOST went, but there was a long meeting he was going to attend following the service so I opted to sleep in a little and then took a walk.

One of the first things to catch my eye:

I've opted to blur the number, but if you HAVE seen this dog let me know, I can get you in touch.

P lives on a fairly busy street, and as such there is a little litter that one comes across on any walkabout in his neighborhood. Lucky for me 11 people threw away their empty Coke (or Coke products... Vault in this case) bottles along my path: I picked em up and earned 33 points! I'm up to 4959 now! One man's trash... yadda yadda...

My walk's destination was a coffee shop in a local strip mall. I like this particular coffee shop because it is in very close proximity to a Fitness Center known for it's high level of attractive patrons who all have to walk PAST this coffee shop on their way to their workout:

I parked here for coffee and the Sunday AJC for about an hour.

This house is for sale:

It's along the route between P's place and the coffee shop. It was an eyesore for a while, but now it looks like something out of Flip That House! P and I both like it.

Once P got home from Church we went for lunch at a place called Cowtippers. This is a mural on the side of the building. Cow's getting plowed:

After that we headed over to Atlantic Station to meet some friends...

for a movie:

We saw this:


Just a shot of a little Atlanta skyline cluster across the freeway from Atlantic Station. The only thing that makes this shot unique is that there are no construction cranes in it:

You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a construction crane in the ATL these days. Actually now that I look again you CAN see cranes in this shot... but you have to look close!

On the way home we had to stop at the grocery store to pick up some stuff and while walking through the health food area I saw these things:

... I don't get it. I mean I get the fact that this granola is JUST granola, naked, with no fillers or preservatives... but why BEAR Naked? Shouldn't it be BARE Naked? What do grizzlies have to do with Granola.

Finally a rare shot of "P" as we get back to his home sweet home:


K said...

Cowtippers! That's a fun spot. You are so right about the construction cranes, they are everywhere!

Matt said...

Nice pics, as usual - I was afraid you'd forgotten again. ;)

Maddog said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I haven't been to Atlanta in years and it looks like it's changed a lot since I lived there.

Poun said...

I have to see this movie since i've heard so much of it lately !!!!
nice 12 of 12 ^^

Anonymous said...

Awesome as always!

How do you get to enter more than 10 codes on a day? It'll only let me do 10 and then lock me out!

Zpitzen said...

Cute Cows..;-) and nice house...
Great pictures, thanks for sharing...

Susan said...

you could totally be my son's Coke rewards hero!
sounds like a nice relaxing day!!

Bego said...

hmmm, there's nuthin' wrong with enjoying the scenery across from a gym ;)

i also love the clandestine pic of P, like you're his paparazzi.

Paul said...

I love Bear Naked granola. Especially their chocolate flavored granola. Especially when you can eat it bare nekid!