Sunday, December 10, 2006

Misadventures in Wireless Publishing or... I learned the limits of my Treo's browser.

I'm a drafter. Do y'all do that? Write a post, save it as a draft, let it sit and gel and marinate and then come back to it for some tweaking before you publish it? I do.

Yesterday I tried to use the internet browser on my Treo to publish the Show Me A Sign entry that I had drafted the day before. I was only partly successful. Half of the post made it. The other half completely disappeared.

I didn't have access to a real computer until this morning, so half a post sat out there all Saturday looking stupid. Today though, I've managed to use a real keyboard, a real mouse, and a much more reliable internet browser and reconstruct, complete with new pictures, what SHOULD have been up yesterday. So, without further ado:

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