Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lost Episode 3 "Tabula Rasa"

Dark episode.  Lots of this one took place at night.  If I had my druthers all TV shows and movies would take place in the daytime.  I find watching night time scenes difficult.  I'm trying too hard to see what's going on and not paying enough attention to what is being said... which is probably the exact opposite of what the writer and director want.  Still, even through the darkness of the night I managed to learn a few more names!

Bad Guy Hot Girl is Kate.  Which sounded familiar to me... so maybe I just needed a reinforcer, or maybe today I was actually listening for it.
Old man with eye scar is Mr. Locke (or just Lock, I dunno... Locke seems more last namey than just Lock).
Asian wife is Sun.
I'm Over it Girl is Shannon.

We got a lot of Kate's back story in this one... whatever she did in order to be handcuffed during the flight (which we also learn was in fact headed from Sydney to Los Angeles) was bad... but I think she had her reasons. Today was all about showing us that Kate is a moral person, who does what she has to to survive.  I think we also learned that she didn't kill anyone, or if she did it was accidental.  See, she was given the opportunity to kill a man she hated, who was dying anyway (shrapnel guy from Episode 2) and she couldn't do it.  She had to give the job to Sawyer, who effed it up.  Ultimately leaving Dr. Jack to play God once again and put the poor dying shrapnel guy out of his misery.  If she couldn't kill a DYING man, a DYING man who WANTED to die... how could she commit cold blooded murder?

So, we still don't know why she'd been arrested, though we get a hint from Hurley who mentions something about her being a murderer.  When it comes time for her to come clean, Dr. Jack says she doesn't have to.  Because when that plane crashed, "we all died."  He was speaking metaphorically, just trying to say that now they all have a clean slate... but given all the mythos fans invested in this show, I bet that was a line that they all kept going back to to prove their theory that the Island is the afterlife.

Walt gets his dog back thanks to Locke (or is that Lock) who spends the first part of the episode whittling a dog whistle which brings Vincent the lab running out of the woods.  Nice of Locke to then turn Vincent the dog over to Walt's dad without Walt knowing.  So when Walt sees his dad walking  onto the beach with Vincent Walt thinks his dad is cool again, and someone owes Locke a favor.

Walt's dad also happens to see Sun's boobs, quite accidentally.  He's probably already forgotten, but I bet Sun's man won't.  Of course he won't know unless she tells him... and I bet she's going to.

No big revelations, no shocking deaths (we all knew shrapnel guy wasn't going to make it), only one monster moment which didn't lead to anything more than a boob sighting with future dramatic implications, and a little montage at the end set to a Jack Johnson ukulele lullaby showing the castaways all starting to come together as a community. Saied threw Sawyer an apple, awwww.  Rosacea boy found some sunglasses for his sister I'm Over it Gir... I mean Shannon, awwww.  And a father and his son reveled in the joy of finding their lost dog as Locke looked on menacingly, ewwww.

So kind of a tension-less ending to this one.  If this were the last episode I ever saw, I'd say they were all going to live happily ever after Swiss Family Robinson style... but we all know that isn't true.

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