Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lost Episode 2 "Pilot: Part 2"

If Episode 1 was a freight train, Episode 2 is definitely Amtrak.  Episode 1 delivered the cargo and now in Episode 2 we're getting to know the passengers.  I'm terrible with names, so let me try to remember as many as possible.

Fat guy = Hurley
Little boy = Walt (his mom just died... awwww)
Dog = Vincent
Long dark hair = Saied (former Iraqi Republican Guard)
Chip on his shoulder = Hunter or Decker or Hutch... something like that... it'll come to me.
Bear = Polar

I should mention at this point that is my goal not to re-watch any episode... lets pretend it's 1977 and your family can't afford Betamax yet.  If you wanna watch what's on you gotta watch it when it's on.   Also, I'm not "live blogging" these shows.  I'm watching and THEN I'm blogging.  Hopefully this will help stave off the early onset Alzheimer's I've been fighting since I discovered vodka in the mid to late 80's.  All that to explain why I can't right now remember Hunter or Decker or Hutch's name.

Lots of plane crash flashbacks in this one... REALLY makes me not want to fly!  Hopefully in a future flashback they'll explain the beep/buzz alarm that is going off inside the plane as it breaks up.  I would imagine that one might hear that noise if one were in or near the cockpit... but why for Pete's sake would they freak one out even more by broadcasting that signal of doom into the cabin?

So in the flashbacks, we learn that Charlie IS in fact a drug addict.  He's hooked on what appears to be brown sugar which he keeps in a plastic baggie in his shoe.

We also learn that Hot Girl from episode 1 is a BAD GUY!  I KNOW!  They tried to make us believe that Hunter or Decker or Hutch is the bad guy... but noooooooo,  It's Hot Girl's (who's name I either haven't heard or subconsciously don't want to learn) handcuffs Walt finds in the woods while looking for his dog Vincent.  In her flashback we see her shackled on board the plane sitting next to a dude who is obviously a cop or some other L.E.O. escorting her on the flight from Australia(?) to wherever they were going.  Shocker!

We also get to know the Bickerson kids, Rosacea Boy and his sister Over-It Girl.  I have a feeling they'll be dead before too long... I thought for sure they were going to red-shirt her during the hike to test the transceiver.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

SAWYER!  That's Hunter or Decker or Hutch's name... Sawyer.

OK... In order to make this recap shorter than the actual script here's the nutshell:

A group of people leave the beach in order to hike to higher ground so they can get a better signal on the transceiver that they got out of the cockpit in Episode 1.  During the hike Sawyer shoots and kills a polar bear (see pic above).  Later they pick up a radio signal which is in French and English... it's a distress call that has been coming from the island for going on 16 years according to Saied who does some really amazing math without even using his fingers to make that determination (he also fixed the transceiver so obviously he is some kinda genius).

Meanwhile back on the beach Dr. Jack is tending to a guy who has a big ol piece of airplane embedded in his side... it needs to come out.  Jack pulls the shrapnel out and the dude wakes up... guess what... he is the guy who was escorting the Bad Guy Hot Chick!  It's HIS gun that Sawyer uses to kill the polar bear (see pic above)!  Well, now the escort dude is awake and he wants to know where his prisoner Hot Chick is!

A couple other little nuggets... Little Boy Walt befriends a guy who I think turns out to be some kind of Army sociopath later on in the series.  They start to play backgammon and tell secrets (which feels a little creepy to me).  Also the Asian couple's relationship is flushed out a little more... he is very controlling and she doesn't like it much, but he can make a mean sea urchin Sashimi.  It's so good that it wakes up a sleeping fetus (paging Dr. Jack, please report to Obstetrics).

I'm feeling like this is going to get overwhelming.

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