Monday, August 23, 2010

Lost Episode 1 "Pilot: Part 1"

It's only fitting that I should return to blogging with a title like "Lost." Or is it? I haven't been.

Can't wait to get back into my blog roll and find out who stuck it out and who else has vanished.

Me? We'll catch up over time... no sense in trying to recap 2+ years of living in a single blog post... it'll all fall into place as the dialogue begins again.

So what's with the "Lost" thing? Frankly I need something to blog about... any what better than a 6 year old serialized drama that I never got into in the first place?

See here's the deal... (and now begins the catching up dialogue) since we last spoke I've had three career changes. All of them involving TV shows on a rejuvenated cable news channel identified by a three-letter name that does not stand for the Hysterical Ladies Network. I've done just about all there is to do short of actually being on the shows themselves. But primarily I've done the web stuff. Kept fans updated with faceboook and twitter, arranged for their comments to be read on the air, kept the websites updated, blogged.

Well now I'm on show #4... and it's an awesome show, with an incredible group of writers, producers, and journalists, and if I'm being honest... it's pretty overwhelming how talented they all are. Overwhelming and intimidating. Especially since my job duties have now grown to include writing for air, producing short segments, and online marketing, in addition to all the other good stuff I was doing before... so I NEED to blog. I need to keep my skills up and sharp, and frankly, I haven't been. I've been very busy being busy, but not as busy as I could be being creative.

Which brings me to Lost. I think I watched three or four episodes in 2005... the ones that highlighted the Asian couple who have a few secrets (arranged marriage if I remember correctly... or is he a loser who her Dad didn't want her to marry?)... I remember something about the fat guy owning a restaurant after winning the lottery (does it get hit with a meteor?), OH and his lottery ticket numbers are the same as some other numbers... and then I saw the one where the hermit dude who lives in a bunker listens to some kind of pop music (Abba?) while pushing a button every so often. But that's really about it... all the rest of the rest I don't really know too much about. Smoke monster, abominable snowman, flash forward, flash sideways, flash back... I know there are some of those too.

So in order to get my blogging skills back in gear I'm going to blog Lost. I can stream all the episodes to my TiVo via Netflix. This is really more for me than for you. I had hoped my partner "P" would've wanted to take part in this but he hates anything that isn't "Brothers and Sisters." So there was no getting him to even try. Maybe I should show him the scene in this episode where Jack (Matthew Fox) looks very fit and un-manscaped as he pulls his bloodied t-shirt over his head so that a hot chick can stitch up a cut in his side with only Vodka as an anesthetic (so butch!) and he might reconsider. Hot dude, vodka, sewing... it's all right up P's alley.

OK, So without further ado:

I can see why people got hooked on Lost after this episode. In addition to the aforementioned hotness of Dr. Jack this is a freight train of a show. After waking up alone (save for an adorable yellow lab) and battered in a bamboo patch the character we will come to know as Jack makes his way onto a beach where we learn that the reason he's so bloodied up is that he's survived a plane crash. People in various states of injury are walking around, and it becomes pretty clear early on that Jack must be some kind of Doc because he starts tending to the wounded... even bringing a woman back to life, God that he is! But not before one of the plane's humongo jet engines, still whining and spinning for some reason, sucks in a guy lucky enough to survive the crash, but unlucky enough to become the catalyst for the first of two huge explosions (YAY Explosions!).

There are brief introductions, primarily, the adorable blue collar British accented Charlie whose character is a kind of famous bass guitar player in a band that I can't remember the name of right now. The hot chick tells him she thinks he looks familiar as she and he and Jack leave the others to go in search of the cockpit of the jetliner which has separated from the exploding part of the fuselage left on the beach. Anyway, as I watched I did recall seeing an episode where it's revealed that Charie has a drug problem, but that's a flash forward (or flash back if you haven't seen the show yet) which is alluded to when he pops out of the bathroom of the wreckage of the cockpit acting coy just before the pilot of the plane who has been unconscious for 16 hours is pulled out of the front window by something that sounds like a giant growling machine and made very obviously dead.

So to recap: in this episode we learn Jack is a hot doctor, we learn the girl who stitched up his wound made the drapes in her apartment and is braver than she thinks she is, we learn that Charlie is a lovable scamp... oh and of course we learn that they and some 40 plus others were all involved in a plane crash approximately 1000 miles from Fiji, and if rescuers are coming, they're looking in the wrong place. At least that's what the pilot told Jack before the growling machine ate Captain Exposition's face off and left him in a nearby tree. Also there is that giant, invisible but very noisy monster machine thing that eats curious pilots.

Next time I'll try to catch the girl's name... I have a feeling she's gonna make out with Dr. Jack at some point. Bitch.

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