Sunday, November 4, 2007

It feels just like starting over

Monday (tomorrow) the next phase in my career begins.

Two weeks ago I was informed that the main show I have been working on had been cancelled. There would be 10 more episodes and then it would be done. Almost exactly 4 months ago I was blogging about my move from "operations" to "editorial" and how nervous I was about it. This was one of the very scenarios I was concerned about. The show was a "next day replay" of a show on one of our sister networks. In this DVR day and age having a few replays is not a bad idea. If you miss Law and Order SVU on NBC Tuesday at 9pm, you can catch the replay on USA later in the week. I mean the first run stuff. New shows, different networks (same parent company), different nights. Makes a lot of sense. "My" replay just wasn't getting the numbers it needed. This was always an experiment, and I knew that going in.

There were other problems too... it was a topical interview/news program. Sometimes that kind of information just doesn't "keep" well overnight, and in the case of a Friday show, that I wouldn't get to air until the following Monday... well.. it just didn't always make for the most topical hour on TV.

The show in question, by the way, will live on in it's current form on it's home network. It's only "my" replay that's been axed.

So starting Monday a "next day replay" of a different show is taking "my" show's place. The new show is formatted around a topic that addresses less "vital" (but NO LESS INTERESTING) matters which will be easier to replay. It also already runs on my network's schedule, and as such matches the existing break structure so there'll be only a minimum amount (if any) of editing involved in order to turn it around. "My" show originally aired with 6 breaks and had to be chopped up to fit into an 8 break structure.

So, where does all this leave me?

It seems that while I was overseeing my replay, I made a good impression on some of the muckity mucks in the newsroom and instead of throwing this baby out with the bathwater, they've reassigned me. On Monday I'll be joining a new show team. A GOOD show I think too. Two hours of mostly live news Monday through Friday, anchored by a person I like and respect and helmed by a team of people who I think "get it." The hours (frankly) KICK ASS and I finally get a DESK with my own computer and phone (after 8 years) too! Do I have any idea how to DO this new job? Not really. I have some of the tools but nowhere near the full toolbox. With just months to go till my 40th birthday, this is definitely a big change, and I'll definitely be the oldest dude in this position... but I'm up for it.

A nice thing is that I have been on vacation this past week. So I've had some time off to refresh and reset my brain (in more ways than one... oooooh cryptic).

OH... the best part... I can take the train to work again! That was one of the reasons I bought THIS NEW CONDO to begin with! Woo Hoo!

P.S. - This is another reason why it's not a bad thing that the Holiday Help deal didn't work out.


Paul said...

It's aways best to come back from vacation with new opportunities! (Far too many come back and just find that their job's gone away.)

Have fun on MARTA. I want to hear about your new traveling companions.

Li'l Pony said...


Li'l Pony said...

P.S. You might want to get one of these for your commute:

CondoBlogger said...

LP - I like that thing! Except I wouldn't want people to use it on my train because I like to read blogs and stuff on my phone while I commute... I WOULD want it for the fuckin MOVIE THEATER though!

somewhere joe said...

Your rejection by Tarzhay was a 'blessing in disgust' as John Lennon once said. Good luck with the new show. A phone, a computer, a desk, good people and kick ass hours... ye-ha!