Monday, November 5, 2007

Cartoon Curtains

It's time, my friends, for you to play designer!

I cannot afford the talents of such an expert (although I have consulted with one of the best) nor can I actually afford the materials needed in order to accomplish this project, but I CAN turn it into a blog post...

Here is a view of my living room:

Pathetic... I know... but I didn't get the design part of the gay gene... I DID get appreciation of musical theater, HGTV and the attraction to men, but not the decorating or dressing parts.

So... as you can see there are no window treatments up there. Well there is one, a pull down shade that I bought at Lowes about 4 days after I moved in. This needs to be dressed up. "P" and I have different opinions on how to go about doing this.

As you look at these next images, disregard the colors, and the stripes and all... those are just there to get my point across (not that I am opposed to these colors or these patterns, but neither am I especially attracted to them either).

Option 1:

Curtains... floor to ceiling. In the photo above they are pulled over the window but left open at the door, but the could be pulled completely closed. I'm thinking curtains like these with the big grommets and thick pole (quit it).

Option 2:

Roman shades. A large upholstered box valance at the top of the window (to give the illusion of height... thank you Candice) and a smaller shade that covers the glass in the door. When I was drawing this I thought about putting a shelf over the door and putting stuff on it, but more than one person has already pointed out that tall things over a door might not be a good idea... so picture maybe a photo or mirror or moosehead there.

So what do you think? Option 1 or Option 2? So far the only professional designer to take a look at my rudimentary plans and I are in agreement. "P" likes the other option... I'll tell you which is which after you tell me what you like best!

Feel free by the way, to mock up your own mockup... I'll take all the free design advice I can get!

P.S. disregard the TV... that will magically be transforming into something thin and wall mounted in the coming months.


Matt said...

Definitely option #1. Also adds height, and warmth. I like the curtains you linked too - especially the color. I'd consider tab curtains, too.

Joe Jubinville said...

I like the look of #1, but it leaves the door inaccessible and/or uncovered.

So I'd go for the Roman shades for versatility's sake.

My adventures said...

i'm not a professional, i just play one on TV... and got overly blessed with the gay decorating gene!!!

Paul said...

You DO need help.

Options #1 and #2 both are both very "hard/crisp" looks. Best point about both of them is that you're considering extending the windows visually up to the ceiling.

Try option #3. Something softer.

Unknown said...

Wait. What's wrong with the first picture. I could very well be a picture of my own home.